Paul Ledford

To sum myself up in one short paragraph, I got started as the “Family Photographer”, which is a code phrase meaning I was pretty good at not chopping off people’s heads and feet when I photographed them. I was fairly reliable at remembering to remove the lens cap and carry extra film. Yeah, film. Fast-forward 30+ years and the hobby has grown into a rewarding passion. Photography is my artistic release, a way to document my view and how I see things. Being a freelance photographer allows me to put my artistic focus wherever I want.

This is my commercial site, a place to display current work and I invite you to look at my portfolio, get to know my style and me as a photographer. To capture you at your absolute best and to exceed expectations is my goal. If you take a moment to read through my reviews and feedback there is a common theme, we have fun. Sessions are relaxed and people find me easy to work with. I listen, provide feedback and guidance to get you the shot you need.

Paul Ledford

If you would like to see my personal non-commercial work, you can find it HERE

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